My art reflects a concern with the environment. I am interested in the representation of landscape as a record of human values and actions imposed on the land over time.

The Western Industrialized Society's vision of nature was at once materialistic and idealized. Historically, photographers who photographed the West became the tour guides of its colonization. The photographers played to a market bent upon consuming virgin land.

We continue to be attracted to the idea of a bucolic landscape. Views into "nature", however, often provide a reflection of ravaged rather than preserved land. Damaged land becomes equivalent to a damaged spirit or psyche. Do we manage parklands to protect them for or from ourselves?

The photographic images I create are a collaboration between the natural environment, artifice temporarily planted in the landscape (site specific sculpture built to be photographed), and the transformative qualities inherent in the photograph.

The black and white images speak to the sometimes fatal intersection of nature and culture. The animals are stand-ins for our relationship to the environment. For instance, The astro turf cows consume the landscape,(a golf course which itself consumes water in times of draught, we consume the cow, and the bovine themselves provide a pastoral scene or a consuming landscape.